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It all begins with the Functional Movement Screening and individual athlete assessment

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Our programs focus is on the needs of every athlete for long term success not short-term results.  Athletes begin with a thorough assessment which includes a review of the athlete's history, movement and mobility. The assessment provides valuable insight into how we need to train; allowing us to build a program that works for the athlete's individual strength and imbalances. 


There are seven specific movement tests within the Functional Movement Screen protocol, all of which serve a unique purpose in evaluating one or more characteristics of an individual’s ability to produce movement. Each movement will either solely or in some combination evaluate a portion of their body’s mobility, stability and/or motor control.

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If you can spot a high likelihood of future injury before it happens, you can either wipe it out completely or at least greatly reduce the chances of it ever occurring, so long as you use the right approach. This is all done with the preemptive approach of correcting those underlying issues that are setting you up for future pain and injury.

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