What Does Rip City Offer?


Rip City is a professional training facility committed to the development of our athletes. Providing unparalleled extensive training knowledge, professional playing experience, medical expertise, along with cutting edge technology. Experience, knowledge, routine, and mental approach, set the environment for youth, high school, collegiate and professional level.

Our programs focus on the needs of every athlete for long term success not short-term results.  Athletes begin with a thorough assessment which includes a review of the athlete's history, movement and mobility. The assessment provides valuable insight into how we need to train allowing us to build a program that works for the athlete's individual strength and imbalances. 


The difference in professional sports and amateur sports is routine...In order to guarantee we are working with a purpose, and creating a plan for success, our assessment is recommended for all first-time athletes. We will formulate a plan of progression, simple to advanced, and evaluate baseline knowledge, strength, and ability in order to get the most out of your time, and effort. Athlete assessments are the beginning of the training cycle. We are now a 100% technology-based training facility. The player, trainer, coaches and parents all need to understand the "entire athlete", create a plan, set goals and parent/player expectations. View all assessment options on our site or contact us for more information.


One on one time is a vital component to the development of an athletes progression, and the best way to optimize mechanics. The goal is to help your body "feel" what its like to throw, swing, and field efficiently while understanding the mechanical chain, and how each movement creates momentum for the next. Rip City instructors will blend video, visual, and demonstration learning techniques to relate information to the different ways student-athletes learn.


Group instruction is a great way to create a different learning environment. It promotes competition, keeps athletes focused while maintaining the needed workload.


Track your progress with metrics. Utilized in individual or group lessons and team assessments. Our technology for both hitting and pitching will allow athletes to track velocity, launch angle, carry distance, bat speed, bat path/angle of attack, pitch velocity, break, spin, axis tilt, and more. Data packages available for purchase. We have instructors that are Rapsodo and Blast Motion certified. Also, Rip City is the ONLY Blast certified facility in the state of Florida currently.


Academy available for FLVS students who are at the middle school and high school level. Rip City's academy is Monday/Wednesday/Friday weekly 9am - 3pm which is 18 hrs weekly/ 72 hrs monthly. Monthly fees includes: Sport Specific Conditioning/ Weight Lifting, Arm Care Routine, Fundamental Work, Technology/ Data Tracking, Academic Advising, etc.. Our academy takes place at our facility location. Contact us for more information at anytime.


2 portable pitching mounds can be moved to accommodate all levels. Utilize the space to throw bullpens, flat ground, PFP, and mirror work. Pitchers pocket net available for use if throwing without a catcher.


3 Stationary sock net screens and tees for individual detailed work


Rip City's certified trainers will provide group classes emphasizing core, balance, and mobility. Individual training programs are geared towards our athletes position requirements and functional strength needs. Balance, mobility, and core strength, are components needed to maximize performance, recovery, and decrease injury.


Utilize one of our 3 cages for team and individual BP, tee & soft toss work.


Providing daily/weekly group training sessions, Winter Development programs, and fundamental geared camps throughout the year.


Invite our Rip City instructors to your home field to host a skills clinic for your association or let us offer continued education for your volunteers with practice drills and injury prevention protocols during a coaches clinic.



Individual assessment to be done initially. Player specific arm care routines and medically based throwing program manuals. Routines that can be done at home or in the facility, that will meet your athletes needs and will be based on season/time of year in the athletes' career. 

Now offering packages for lessons. Don't see one that works best for your athlete, call us today to customize a plan that best accommodates your player.


Baseball Age Divisions 10U-18U (+ HS Showcase teams) / Softball Divisions 12U-16U


The functional movement screening (FMS) was developed to assess an individual's ability to perform fundamental movements that help identify movement quality. This screening provides a baseline for athletes and instructors to improve mobility and performance. Player reports and exercises are provided. We have FMS certified instructors.